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EPICS is a project design and implementation company, based on a
group of engineers, operating since 1977.

The company operates in different modes, from consultancy to turnkey supply.

Along the years it had two main streams:

1. Development of user specified machines and products

Combining electrical engineering with power electronics and microcomputer
based control systems, and cooperating with mechanical engineering group
- Electric Motors and drive systems,
- Robotic machines, mainly assembly with built in quality control.
- Control of production lines, especially extrusion.

2. Electrical systems and Power quality

In this field we have pioneered the development and use of new technologies,
in cooperation with local and foreign manufacturers:

- The first use of passive harmonic filters for large rectifiers.
- Introduction of the rotary UPS to the industry, where we give retrofit and
   maintenance services even for systems not supplied by us.

Conduction of projects for the Israeli Electric Company (IEC), such as:
- A practical demonstration survey on the damages caused by supply voltage
   interruptions, and implementation of solutions.
- Definition of requirements and specifications, for a nationwide Power-Quality
   monitoring system.

Our activity in this field covers most of the steps required to give solutions for
Power Quality related problems, from measurements to complete turnkey